Metropol’s reason to  be  is  no  other than  to  create  new  means  to  understand  ceramics. The  constant  study   of   color,  shape  and  evolution trends in  the  different  markets,  have situated   Metropol as a  reference brand  within designer’s  world  and  tile business.

Since their  early days,  Metropol has  tried  to  apply creativity  to the  new product  outcome. 

The  continuous  study  of  shapes, colors,  new  designs and   the team  work  of  over  500  people  create a concept we  have  designated  as  Signo.

Signo means  the  capability  of  creating  something   that  does  not  exist  and  allows us to  perceive  the  design  and   creativity  applied  to  Ceramics. For  this  reason ,  Metropol  is  considered   to  be a  tile  brand  in the  vanguard  of  Design.

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